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EditShare Storage Series Rack Units

Award-winning shared storage for editing workgroups

From field to finish – offline to uncompressed HD – EditShare™ products are designed to maximize media sharing and storage for multi-user editing environments. Leveraging the power and cost effectiveness of Gigabit Ethernet, EditShare™ is simple to install, easy to use and offers an immediate return on investment for any media-driven organization.

Simplified Media Sharing for Industry Standard Editing and Compositing

Designed for the industry’s leading editing and compositing products from Avid, Apple, Adobe, Autodesk, Digidesign, Media 100 and Sony, EditShare™ allows all connected workstations to capture, access and share in real time a common pool of media files. Regardless of application or platform, source material, work in progress and finished packages are shared and instantly available to all users on the EditShare™ network.

Unique Project Sharing for Apple and Avid Editors

The creators of EditShare understand that “complete collaboration” requires more than just sharing MEDIA files. So that’s why we designed our storage solution so that it also integrates the sharing of PROJECT files.

Thanks to EditShare’s patented bin-locking / project-locking framework, Avid and Final Cut Pro editors can instantly see, copy or revise the work of colleagues with the assurance that a bin, sequence or project will never get accidentally deleted or overwritten. This kind of sharing “fuels’ the creative process, and is crucial for feature film editing, news editing, promo production, reality TV production, and any genre where rapid content creation is required.


EditShare is the only non-Avid solution that offers Project Sharing for Avid applications. And we are also the only solution – period – that offers simple straightforward project sharing for Final Cut Pro.


EditShare’s Project Sharing feature works right inside your Avid application, and right alongside Final Cut Pro. Via a file-manager type interface, editors can clearly see all the bins and project files being used by all editors in their group. Bins and projects belonging to another editor are automatically opened “Read Only”, and control can easily be transferred from one editor to another.

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